11 - 21 Marne St








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Valuation Range

$144k to $1.3m


Rental Range

$320 to $1450


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property history

date event address price beds bath car
Oct 2018rent8/11-21 Marne Street$630211
Sep 2018sold8/11-21 Marne Street$965k211
Aug 2018rent22/11-21 Marne Street$680211
Jul 2018rent20/11-21 Marne Street$465111
Feb 2018rent12/11-21 Marne Street$630211
Nov 2017rent20/11-21 Marne Street$450111
May 2017sold28/11-21 Marne Street$600k111
Mar 2017rent11/11-21 Marne Street$470111
Jan 2017rent23/11-21 Marne Street$585211
Jan 2017rent22/11-21 Marne Street$695211
Dec 2016sold17/11-21 Marne Street$600k211
Nov 2016rent12/11-21 Marne Street$630211
Nov 2016rent20/11-21 Marne Street$400111
Sep 2016sold25/11-21 Marne Street$1.3m211
Sep 2016rent8/11-21 Marne Street$550211
May 2016rent4/11-21 Marne Street$560211
May 2016rent5/11-21 Marne Street$500111
Apr 2016rent28/11-21 Marne Street$430111
Mar 2016rent11/11-21 Marne Street$450111

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