20 Hepburn Road, Doncaster, Vic, 3108








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Sales 36 mnths



Sales Value



Valuation Range

$278.2k - $1.2m


Rentals 36 mnths



Rental Range

$425 - $650


Strata Manager

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Building Manager

Melbourne Building Management


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property history

Oct 2019rent309/20 Hepburn Road$510322
Oct 2019rent407/20 Hepburn Road$415211
Oct 2019rent1004/20 Hepburn Road$435211
Oct 2019sold406/20 Hepburn Road$700k322
Oct 2019rent806/20 Hepburn Road$580322
Oct 2019rent208/20 Hepburn Road$585322
Oct 2019rent412/20 Hepburn Road$475211
Oct 2019rent807/20 Hepburn Road$400211
Sep 2019rent814/20 Hepburn Road$440211
Sep 2019sold909/20 Hepburn Road$663k300
Sep 2019rent1207/20 Hepburn Road$595322
Aug 2019rent1009/20 Hepburn Road$560322
Aug 2019rent609/20 Hepburn Road$550322
Aug 2019rent911/20 Hepburn Road$500211
Jul 2019rent313/20 Hepburn Road$575322
Jul 2019rent613/20 Hepburn Road$430211
Jul 2019rent810/20 Hepburn Road$470211
Jul 2019sold806/20 Hepburn Road$672k322
Jun 2019sold508/20 Hepburn Road$608k300
May 2019rent507/20 Hepburn Road$435211
May 2019rent709/20 Hepburn Road$570322
May 2019sold609/20 Hepburn Road$603k322
Apr 2019rent1007/20 Hepburn Road$460211
Mar 2019rent603/20 Hepburn Road$440211
Mar 2019rent210/20 Hepburn Road$450211
Mar 2019rent202/20 Hepburn Road$451211
Mar 2019rent416/20 Hepburn Road$450211
Feb 2019rent1307/20 Hepburn Road$650322
Feb 2019rent211/20 Hepburn Road$435211
Feb 2019rent901/20 Hepburn Road$650322
Feb 2019rent708/20 Hepburn Road$530222
Jan 2019rent1303/20 Hepburn Road$475211
Jan 2019rent812/20 Hepburn Road$650322
Nov 2018rent506/20 Hepburn Road$630322
Oct 2018rent304/20 Hepburn Road$425211
Sep 2018rent409/20 Hepburn Road$580322
Sep 2018rent311/20 Hepburn Road$580322
Aug 2018sold1107/20 Hepburn Road$428.9k211
Aug 2018rent605/20 Hepburn Road$451211
Jul 2018rent307/20 Hepburn Road$430211
Jul 2018sold602/20 Hepburn Road$486k211
Jun 2018rent405/20 Hepburn Road$460211
May 2018rent316/20 Hepburn Road$425211
May 2018rent1305/20 Hepburn Road$430211
Apr 2018rent1114/20 Hepburn Road$440211
Apr 2018sold305/20 Hepburn Road$472k211
Mar 2018rent813/20 Hepburn Road$430211
Mar 2018rent306/20 Hepburn Road$585322
Mar 2018rent1013/20 Hepburn Road$435211
Feb 2018sold216/20 Hepburn Road$730k300
Feb 2018sold309/20 Hepburn Road$620k322
Jan 2018rent614/20 Hepburn Road$435211
Dec 2017rent1206/20 Hepburn Road$530222
Dec 2017sold603/20 Hepburn Road$455k211
Dec 2017sold405/20 Hepburn Road$526k211
Nov 2017sold412/20 Hepburn Road$480k211
Sep 2017sold407/20 Hepburn Road$274.3k211
Sep 2017sold507/20 Hepburn Road$278.2k211
Sep 2017sold308/20 Hepburn Road$411.8k322
Sep 2017sold1009/20 Hepburn Road$455.2k322
Sep 2017sold409/20 Hepburn Road$432.1k322
Sep 2017sold613/20 Hepburn Road$294.7k211
Sep 2017sold311/20 Hepburn Road$421.1k322
Sep 2017rent808/20 Hepburn Road$530222
Aug 2017rent604/20 Hepburn Road$430211
Aug 2017sold212/20 Hepburn Road$776k300
Jul 2017sold1307/20 Hepburn Road$738k322
Jul 2017sold810/20 Hepburn Road$530k211
Jul 2017sold1103/20 Hepburn Road$585k200
May 2017sold1204/20 Hepburn Road$902k300
Apr 2017rent706/20 Hepburn Road$640322
Apr 2017rent906/20 Hepburn Road$650322
Apr 2017sold802/20 Hepburn Road$569k211
Apr 2017sold1101/20 Hepburn Road$928.9k000
Feb 2017rent804/20 Hepburn Road$450211
Feb 2017rent513/20 Hepburn Road$430211
Feb 2017sold811/20 Hepburn Road$547k000
Feb 2017rent702/20 Hepburn Road$450211
Jan 2017rent1202/20 Hepburn Road$470211
Jan 2017rent601/20 Hepburn Road$440211
Jan 2017rent611/20 Hepburn Road$440211
Dec 2016sold705/20 Hepburn Road$559k000
Dec 2016rent612/20 Hepburn Road$630322
Dec 2016sold914/20 Hepburn Road$546k000
Dec 2016rent701/20 Hepburn Road$630322
Dec 2016rent413/20 Hepburn Road$630322
Dec 2016sold202/20 Hepburn Road$516k211

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