Ettaro Apartments

22 Barkly Street, Brunswick East, Vic, 3057








Plan ID






Sales 36 mnths



Sales Value



Valuation Range

$355k - $925k


Rentals 36 mnths



Rental Range

$360 - $830


Strata Manager

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Building Manager

Melbourne Building Management


Expert Agent

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property history

Sep 2019rent128/22 Barkly Street$410111
Sep 2019rent619/22 Barkly Street$525211
Sep 2019rent5/22 Barkly Street$600221
Sep 2019rent16/22 Barkly Street$550211
Sep 2019rent201/22 Barkly Street$410111
Sep 2019rent135/22 Barkly Street$400111
Aug 2019rent127/22 Barkly Street$400111
Aug 2019sold125/22 Barkly Street$385k111
Jul 2019rent514/22 Barkly Street$410111
Jul 2019sold213/22 Barkly Street$395.5k111
Jul 2019rent720/22 Barkly Street$400111
Jun 2019rent536/22 Barkly Street$420111
Jun 2019rent416/22 Barkly Street$560211
Jun 2019sold21/22 Barkly Street$640k321
Jun 2019sold502/22 Barkly Street$395k111
May 2019rent709/22 Barkly Street$500211
May 2019rent501/22 Barkly Street$410111
May 2019sold713/22 Barkly Street$520k211
Apr 2019rent126/22 Barkly Street$370111
Mar 2019rent112/22 Barkly Street$390211
Mar 2019rent515/22 Barkly Street$600211
Mar 2019rent428/22 Barkly Street$510211
Mar 2019rent327/22 Barkly StreetN/A111
Feb 2019sold222/22 Barkly Street$400k111
Feb 2019rent314/22 Barkly Street$410111
Feb 2019sold20/22 Barkly Street$502k211
Feb 2019sold212/22 Barkly Street$382.5k111
Feb 2019sold13/22 Barkly Street$355k100
Feb 2019sold9/22 Barkly Street$580k200
Feb 2019sold120/22 Barkly Street$405k111
Feb 2019sold231/22 Barkly Street$615k221
Feb 2019rent706/22 Barkly Street$510211
Feb 2019rent420/22 Barkly Street$420111
Feb 2019sold533/22 Barkly Street$390k111
Jan 2019rent701/22 Barkly Street$490211
Jan 2019rent324/22 Barkly Street$400111
Jan 2019rent214/22 Barkly Street$400111
Jan 2019rent110/22 Barkly Street$390110
Jan 2019rent113/22 Barkly Street$380111
Jan 2019rent243/22 Barkly Street$460211
Dec 2018sold217/22 Barkly Street$600k221
Dec 2018rent525/22 Barkly Street$550222
Dec 2018sold702/22 Barkly Street$520k211
Oct 2018rent7/22 Barkly Street$510211
Oct 2018rent426/22 Barkly Street$400111
Oct 2018sold336/22 Barkly Street$580k211
Oct 2018sold510/22 Barkly Street$398k111
Oct 2018sold317/22 Barkly Street$625k200
Oct 2018rent319/22 Barkly Street$400111
Sep 2018rent132/22 Barkly Street$600221
Sep 2018sold603/22 Barkly Street$590k211
Sep 2018sold505/22 Barkly Street$410k111
Sep 2018rent522/22 Barkly Street$410111
Sep 2018rent434/22 Barkly Street$525211
Aug 2018rent204/22 Barkly Street$410111
Aug 2018rent323/22 Barkly Street$400111
Jul 2018rent349/22 Barkly Street$400111
Jul 2018rent233/22 Barkly Street$530221
Jul 2018rent537/22 Barkly Street$450111
Jul 2018sold519/22 Barkly Street$415k111
Jul 2018rent210/22 Barkly Street$390111
Jun 2018sold230/22 Barkly Street$615k221
Jun 2018sold417/22 Barkly Street$620k211
Jun 2018rent302/22 Barkly Street$360111
Jun 2018rent538/22 Barkly Street$600211
May 2018rent223/22 Barkly Street$385111
May 2018rent311/22 Barkly Street$380111
May 2018sold319/22 Barkly Street$419k111
May 2018rent616/22 Barkly Street$830322
Mar 2018rent609/22 Barkly Street$525211
Mar 2018sold18/22 Barkly Street$685k211
Mar 2018sold616/22 Barkly Street$925k322
Nov 2017sold536/22 Barkly Street$415k111
Aug 2017sold719/22 Barkly Street$470k211
Mar 2017sold114/22 Barkly Street$410k111

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