The Avenue

681 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Vic, 3141








Plan ID






Short Stay:



Sales 36 mnths



Sales Value



Valuation Range

$365k - $1.8m


Rentals 36 mnths



Rental Range

$370 - $1.2k

Strata Manager

The Knight

Building Manager

Melbourne Building Management

Expert Agent

Monique Depierre - Kay & Burton

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property history

Jun 2019rent103/681 Chapel Street$615221
May 2019sold1004/681 Chapel Street$705k221
Mar 2019rent1408/681 Chapel Street$600211
Feb 2019rent603/681 Chapel Street$700221
Feb 2019rent904/681 Chapel Street$595220
Feb 2019rent1504/681 Chapel Street$700221
Feb 2019rent1006/681 Chapel Street$520111
Jan 2019rent1005/681 Chapel Street$720221
Dec 2018rent1406/681 Chapel Street$460111
Dec 2018rent511/681 Chapel Street$600211
Dec 2018sold610/681 Chapel Street$685k221
Dec 2018sold1409/681 Chapel Street$750k221
Nov 2018rent604/681 Chapel Street$700221
Nov 2018sold114/681 Chapel Street$435k110
Oct 2018rent116/681 Chapel Street$420110
Oct 2018rent707/681 Chapel Street$475111
Sep 2018rent1101/681 Chapel Street$640221
Sep 2018sold404/681 Chapel Street$671k221
Aug 2018sold607/681 Chapel Street$430k111
Aug 2018sold116/681 Chapel Street$380k110
Jul 2018rent509/681 Chapel Street$420110
Jul 2018sold608/681 Chapel Street$455k111
Jul 2018sold1007/681 Chapel Street$475k111
Jul 2018sold804/681 Chapel Street$695k221
May 2018sold514/681 Chapel Street$390k110
May 2018sold303/681 Chapel Street$620k221
Apr 2018sold104/681 Chapel Street$620k221
Feb 2018rent906/681 Chapel Street$450111
Jan 2018rent1405/681 Chapel Street$630221
Dec 2017rent702/681 Chapel Street$750221
Nov 2017rent804/681 Chapel Street$565221
Nov 2017sold604/681 Chapel Street$630k221
Aug 2017rent302/681 Chapel Street$550221
Jul 2017rent607/681 Chapel Street$410111
May 2017rent606/681 Chapel Street$440111
Mar 2017sold317/681 Chapel Street$365k110
Feb 2017rent1403/681 Chapel Street$600221
Jan 2017rent502/681 Chapel Street$595221
Jan 2017sold1403/681 Chapel Street$655k221
Jan 2017rent1201/681 Chapel Street$1.2k332
Dec 2016rent211/681 Chapel Street$490211
Dec 2016rent310/681 Chapel Street$500211
Nov 2016rent1107/681 Chapel Street$460111
Oct 2016rent110/681 Chapel Street$495211
Oct 2016sold318/681 Chapel Street$500k111
Oct 2016rent708/681 Chapel Street$520211
Sep 2016rent307/681 Chapel Street$370110
Sep 2016rent907/681 Chapel Street$440111
Sep 2016sold1201/681 Chapel Street$1.8m332
Sep 2016rent506/681 Chapel Street$390110
Sep 2016rent706/681 Chapel Street$420111
Aug 2016sold906/681 Chapel Street$460k111
Aug 2016rent411/681 Chapel Street$500211
Jul 2016rent410/681 Chapel Street$500211
Jul 2016rent507/681 Chapel Street$380112
Jul 2016rent403/681 Chapel Street$530221

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