Roost for residents

Give your buildings a virtual concierge for better, always-on services that residents and owners committees will love.

Activate a building

Helpful building info all in one place, anytime you need it!

24/7 virtual concierge support

Report and get help with problems

Receive building announcements

Contact your building team

Resident or owners committee?

Finding the right building information, people and services can be painful. helps you access what you need in one place, anytime you need it!

Every building has its own always-on virtual concierge and residents can register to receive announcements and share useful tips and documents with their community.

Activate your building

What you get

  • An information rich building page
  • An always-on virtual concierge to help residents access useful information, services and people for their building, anytime they need it
  • A place for residents to register as residents and share share useful building information, documents and tips
  • Your own building product and service marketplace
  • And the ability for your committee and/or building team to send updates and announcements to registered residents

What it costs

  • Roost is 100% FREE for residents and owners committees
  • You can also invite your building team to use Roost for a small monthly fee